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TOP PIPE HDPE Spiral Enhanced Piping Systems provide a great solution to both new and existing infrastructure systems for large diameter pipes. The wall of the pipe is made of hollow tubes welded together, which is designed to give the pipe enhanced stiffness, absorb external pressure and reduce overall weight of the pipe. The inner layer has a smooth texture, designed to maximise flow efficiency and minimise friction.

HDPE Spiral Enhanced Piping has become a preferred piping choice in Asia, Europe and North America. They are rapidly replacing more primitive systems such as GRP (fibreglass), concrete and clay piping due to their comprehensive advantages, superior performance levels and long service life.

TOP-PIPE HDPE Spiral Enhanced Pipes are produced in accordance with the EN 13476 standards and is available in diameters from 400mm up to 1200mm.

TOP PIPE produces HDPE Spiral Enhanced Pipes with the following specifications:

Dia (mm)

Pipe Series Length (mm)
400 SN4 or SN8 6000 or 12000
500 SN4 or SN8 6000 or 12000
600 SN4 or SN8 6000 or 12000
800 SN4 or SN8 6000 or 12000
900 SN4 or SN8 6000 or 12000
1000 SN4 or SN8 6000 or 12000
1200 SN4 or SN8 6000 or 12000

HDPE Spiral Enhanced Pipe Features

The hollow tube profile allows for a more lightweight profile when compared to solid-wall pipes. These pipes are also weigh a fraction of the weight of concrete pipes As a result, the pipes are easier and safer to handle and make field adjustments, which reduces installation cost and time.
The smooth internal surface of the pipes and the high abrasion resistance means the pipes possess optimum hydraulics. Subsequently it is possible to use a pipe 1.3x smaller in TOP-PIPE HDPE Spiral Enhanced Pipes in comparison to the same diameter of concrete pipes.
Due to their high impact resistance value, TOP-PIPE HDPE Corrugated Pipes are not borken easily. Therefore, during installation or in case of earth movements/settlements, there is low risk of damage to the pipe. As a result there is minimum service and maintenence cost for the pipeline.
Since HDPE has a high resistance to a number of chemicals, these pipes are not affected by decay, corrosion or the transfer of dangerous chemicals.

HDPE Spiral Enhanced Pipe Applications

TOP-PIPE HDPE Spiral Enhanced Pipe applications range from serving as a primary medium for gravity flowing materials to protective barriers preventing the deformation and wreckages of vital equipment. Some of the uses for TOP-PIPE HDPE Spiral Enhanced Piping Systems include:

Storm, rain and melt-water systems
Mining and Slurry Lines
Gravity Water Mains
Wastewater Drainage
Highway Drainage
Canalisation Projects
Cable Ducts