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TOP-PIPE HDPE Drainage Systems provide a complete solution for all types of drainage needs, both for above the ground and below the ground applications. The system is manufactured using high density polyethylene, which offers numerous advantages over conventional materials because of its inherent characterics. The toughness and durability of HDPE provides a drainage solution that combines extraordinary chemical resistance with high flexibility and great impact resistance. As such, these characteristics have made HDPE the preferred piping material internationally.

TOP-PIPE HDPE Drainage Systems are manufactured to EN 1519 Standards and are available in diameters from 32mm up to 315mm). To ensure TOP-PIPE maintains the highest quality, our pipes are manufactured using 100% virgin PE100 raw material sourced from the world’s leading plastic suppliers.

TOP-PIPE HDPE Drainage Systems can be used in a broad range of applications in both the Plumbing and Industrial markets, such as greasy, sanitary and trade waste; laboratory waste; waste network ventilation; and rainwater drainage due to its high resistance to a wide range of chemicals. The systems can operate at both low (as low as -40°C) and high (up to 95°C) temperatures. This makes TOP-PIPE HDPE Drainage Systems the perfect solution for commercial, residential and industrial buildings; hospitals; laboratories; and hotels.

TOP PIPE produces HDPE Drainage Pipes with the following specifications:


OD (mm)

Pipe Series Length (mm)
32 S 12.5 5000
40 S 12.5 5000
50 S 12.5 5000
63 S 12.5 5000
75 S 12.5 5000
90 S 12.5 5000
110 S 12.5 5000
125 S 12.5 5000
160 S 12.5 5000
200 S 12.5 or S 16 5000
250 S 12.5 or S 16 5000
315 S 12.5 or S 16 5000

HDPE Drainage Pipe Features

HDPE Pipes exhibit high impact strength and high notch sensitivity when compared to other materials, thereby enabling them to be highly resistant to damages during handling and installation.
HDPE is a non-conductive polymer and subsequently does not rust or corrode. It also has low reactivity to a wide range of chemicals and substances, enabling HDPE pipes to be used in a variety of applications and industries.
HDPE pipes are lightweight and flexible, which means they does not require heavy lifting equipment for installation. The pipes can be bent to a minimum radius of 30x of the outside diameter.
The inclusion of carbon black in our raw materials provides exceptional protection against UV rays and, therefore, makes TOP PIPE suitable for use in exposed locations.
The internal smoothness and abrasion resistance of HDPE ensures a high flow capacity over their lifespan and material deposits within the pipe are prevented.
HDPE pipes are joined by a heat fusion process that forms joints that are uniform and leak-free. This design helps eliminate potential leak points every 20 feet which can occur with PVC and ductile iron pipes.
HDPE is resistant to occasional temperatures as high as 95°C. It can also withstand temperatures as low as -40°C.
HDPE’s leak-free jointing ensures no toxins from sewage is released into the ground or environment. Additionally, HDPE is highly recyclable.

Design & Support

TOP-PIPE also provides full support during the design and installation phases, thanks to our high-level technical team comprising of engineers with international experience. Together with our own design software, we are able to provide drainage solutions for all installation needs.