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TOP-PIPE HDPE provides an efficient and reliable solution for rainwater drainage from rooftops of buildings through the use of siphonic drainage principles. Traditional gravity roof drainage is fast-becoming an out-of-date technology in the construction industry. Today, many large industrial, commercial and retail buildings are making the switch to siphonic rainwater drainage. And residential buildings are beginning to follow suit.

Compared to the inefficient traditional gravity roof drainage systems, where water simply runs off into downward-sloping pipes, TOP-PIPE Siphonic Drainage Systems quickly fill up and suck or siphon the rainwater into the drain using the resultant negative pressure. The TOP PIPE roof outlets also prevent blockage so that air is not drawn into the systems to ensure reliable and efficient performance.

HDPE Siphonic Drainage Advantages

Works With Any Roof Type
The siphonic system allows various roof types to be reliably drained with TOP PIPE, including flat roofs.
Fewer Materials Required
The high discharge rate means that fewer roof outlets, downpipes and drain connections are required. This results in lower installation and material costs. It also means there is greater flexibility for planning and design.
No Sloping Pipes
The single horizontal collector pipes require no incline and together with fewer downpipes required means the system is also space saving.
Smaller Pipe Diameters
Since the pipes are design to be fully filled, smaller pipes can be specified resulting in further cost savings.
Self-Cleansing System
The negative pressure of the pipelin creates a siphonic or suction action which also contributes to the self-cleansing of the system.