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HDPE Corrugated Pipe Jointing

TOP-PIPE HDPE Corrugated Pipes can be jointed by either using socketed pipes with rubber rings, or using plain-ended pipes with a double-socket coupler and rubber rings. Both methods are push-to-fit and the rubber rings provide a tight seal.

To ensure a close fit between the pipes a tensioner should be used to pull the pipes together. Alternatively, pipes can be pushed together using a pry bar or a digger. For such installations, a sacrificial stub should be used, so as not to damage the socket-end of the pipe being pushed.

HDPE Corrugated Pipe Installation Videos

Agricultural Water Management 101

A simple guide explaining how water management using an HDPE corrugated plastic pipe system works to improve crop health and productivity.

Agricultural Dual-Wall Installation

A step-by-step guide to the installation of dual-wall HDPE corrugated plastic pipe for agricultural water management applications.

HDPE DWC Pipe - Installation

Trench Preparation includes instructions on excavating for the trench foundation, trench inspection and appropriate bedding preparation.

HDPE DWC Pipe - Assembly

Pipe and Fitting Assembly includes instructions on appropriate pipe bell and spigot assembly practices and fabrication of pipe and fittings in the field.

HDPE DWC Pipe - Backfill Procedure

Backfill instructions which include guidelines of appropriate materials, placement and suggested compaction procedures.