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Electronic protection and control panels with inverter for “off-grid” photovoltaic systems for use in several types of pumping systems, from collection from the subsoil, to circulation, swimming pool filtering, transfer and accumulation of water.



SUNDRIVER is designed to be powered mainly by solar energy. However, in case of need, powering from the electricity network or from a generator is also possible, using a manual selector switch, therefore also ensuring operation when solar energy is not available.



Nominal power input voltage: VDC 420 V VAC 300 V

  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Maximum power of use: 0.37-3 kWatt 0.5-4 Hp


Pump operating range:

  • 230 V pump power input
  • PUMP ON = above 290 Vdc / 206 Vac
  • PUMP OFF = below 190 Vdc / 135 Vac
  • 115 V pump power input
  • pump on = above 140 Vdc / 100 Vac
  • pump off = below 110 Vdc / 180 Vac


Ambient temperature operation limits: + 50° C

Protection class: IP 54

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