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MCE/C inverters are the latest technological challenge in the DAB inverters universe. They constitute the new generation of inverters for use with circulator pumps and stand out for ease of use, power, and simplicity of installation and management.

MCE/C inverters are designed for use with circulator pumps to enable simple control of differential pressure, thereby adapting pump performancee to match effective system requirements.

The solution of mounting on the motor base greatly simplifi es installation of the pump with MCE/C in minimal times.

Ease of programming is guaranteed by the use of an interface similar to DAB Dialogue and a graphic display.

MCE/C inverters feature dual microprocessor architecture to guarantee maximum efficiency and reliability. Sturdy and reliable construction is combined with modern and innovative styling to complete the product also in terms of aesthetics.

MCE/C inverters protect the pump thanks to integrated safety devices. They are also able to prolong the useful lifetime of the pump thanks to the elimination of water hammer and rotation of the pump at the minimum rpm necessary to meet the requirements of the user.

Last but not least, these inverters save power by keeping pump consumption to the minimum levels strictly necessary to meet user requirements.

Equipped with communication module for the creation of twin pumpsets.

DAB Pumps

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